Our Company

IceTechy is an Information Technology Company established on February 2nd, 2014. Our company aims at providing IT business solutions, building and maintaining web applications and Mobile applications (Android and iOS), Cryptocurrency Trade, Social Media Marketing and Management, SEO, Provision of Tech Support, Renewable Energy and Graphic design.

Over the years we have managed and turn around businesses and individuals from all over the world with our services. The necessity of technology birthed our company this is why our mission it to inform, create, innovate, upgrade and update businesses, Organizations, individuals and society via technology and ubiquity of vital informations, applications and securities. Our vision is to be the best Information Technology Company in the world that consistently strive at transforming the world pragmatically through Information Technology. For further inquiry Contact Us and endure to subscribe to your social media platforms and newsletter in order to keep up with our updates and activities in real-time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to initiate, develop, maintain and deploy scalable optimized systems and solutions that will ensure maximum service efficiency.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to revolutionize the world via technology thus practically ingraining into the the minds of individuals, organizations and institutions that everything is possible through the services and solutions we provide.